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Virtual Assistants Help SMBs Be a Success

Virtual Assistants Help SMBs Be a Success

Today I’m going to discuss the top ways virtual assistants help SMBs be a success.

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Are you overwhelmed with tasks on your plate and have decided that you need a virtual assistant stat so you can have the success you were meant to have? It is possible you know. A successful SMB (Small to Medium-sized Business) can be achieved through hard-work, perseverance – and with a top-notch virtual assistant to help you out. (affiliate link).

Virtual Assistant

Let’s do a little review first as to what a virtual assistant is.

According to VAnetworking.com, “a Virtual Assistant, or VA, is an executive level, administrative professional who works from his/her own office to support clients using some of the latest available technology.”

A virtual assistant is a useful person to have around because of their versatility, knowledge, and expertise. While each individual freelancer (also known as independent contractor) might have different skill sets, their potential can fall into one of the following categories:

Front Office

Front office staff deal with your customers in such roles as marketing, sales and service. It wasn’t too long ago that when you said customer service, it was in a face-to-face environment. Now with technology, it is much easier to provide comprehensive customer service with the VA using email, phone, chat, tickets and even forums.

Back Office

Freelancers can take your SMB to a whole new level of success by handling all those back-office tasks that keep your small to medium-sized business running smoothly. Some examples include accounting, Information Technology (IT) and other technology, or compliance.

Middle Office

Middle Office roles typically are related to the financial services industry. Analysts, project management, risk management and legal/compliance would fall into this category.

You are not just limited to what I have mentioned above for office support, and there actually might be overlap between the different areas. On one website I saw, there were 101 different roles and responsibilities that a freelancer might be able to help you out. To really see just how much a virtual assistant can help your small to medium-sized business be a success, just take a look at this list at VAnetworking.com.

So what do you need a virtual assistant to do? Do you need help with marketing campaigns, transcription, setting up/managing webinars or seminars or events? Sit down and make a list of those things that you want to do (or need to do) and delegate the rest of your office and administrative duties to your virtual assistant. You won’t be sorry you did. 

Pam Lokker is a skillful writer and virtual assistant professional. Borlok Virtual Assistants is the place to get global expert Virtual Assistant services with quality and on-time delivery.

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A Small Business Can Benefit From Outsourcing

A Small Business Can Benefit From Outsourcing

A small business can benefit from outsourcing. Now the business owner might think that freelancing is a thing of the past due to large corporations outsourcing most of their help overseas. But, that’s simply not the case. There is plenty of work nationally, plus you can outsource overseas yourself by outsourcing in Canada, UK, Australia, and lots of other countries.

Benefit From Outsourcing

So is there a way a small business can benefit from outsourcing? Yes, there are three specific ways to go about it:

1. Identify the tasks you can outsource

What do you have on your plate right now that you can have someone else take care of, thereby freeing up time for you — things like transcription, article submission, copywriting or copy editing and much more. Make a list and then prioritize them.

2. Systematize tasks

Before you give work to a freelancer, you want to make sure that you write up your instructions so they are clear. One problem I see with clients all the time when they are outsourcing to me is that they skip steps. Not every freelancer will try to fill in the missing step. They will sit there and say “I can’t do that; it doesn’t work.” Be complete and concise in writing out what you want your freelancer to do and avoid any misunderstandings up front.

3. Don’t wait until your workload demands that you get extra help immediately.

The time to go through the process of finding freelancers is now before you end up with a short deadline. Check out the major freelance marketplaces. Need some more encouragement as to how a small business can benefit from outsourcing? Check out this article: Recap on the Benefits of Becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Are there other avenues you can pursue to find good, honest freelancers? Sure there are. If you travel a lot and attend a lot of conventions or seminars, keep your eye out for virtual assistants that may be there, as well. Another option would be to search the internet under keywords like outsourcing, freelancing, virtual assistants, and a wide variety of others such as benefits, freelance marketplace or independent contractors.

Being proactive and taking a look at what you can outsource now, organizing your possibilities, and then looking for good outsource possibilities now will save you time and money in the long-term. Do you need a jump start at making that list? According to this article, Outsourcing: Three Keys to Outsourcing Success by Janet Attard, “When you are a one-person or micro-sized business you not only have to create the product or do the income-producing service, you also need to answer calls from customers, make sales calls, get a website set up, get active in social media, send out invoices, do the bookkeeping, keep marketing your business, and do a whole lot of other things, too. To keep up with it all you could easily work 12 to 14 hours a day , 6 or 7 days a week.” Does that help to kick start you?
Pam Lokker is a skillful writer and proficient virtual assistant. She is co-owner of Borlok Virtual Assistants — the place to get global expert VA services with quality and on-time delivery.

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