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Top 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Start Using a Freelance Marketplace

Top 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Start Using a Freelance Marketplace

Top 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Start Using a Freelance Marketplace

What better reason could there be for why you shouldn’t wait to start using a freelance marketplace except that Upwork has just recently published a press release on the 20 fastest-growing skills for freelancers in Q3 2017.

Think about this: More than one in three workers – reportedly 53 million Americans are now freelancers. That means that regardless of whether you are a Small- to Medium-sized Business (SMB) or a Fortune 500 corporation, you have ready access to independent contractors with a shipload of skills and talent who are looking for freelance jobs online.

There are many reasons that companies are beginning to look at the benefits of using a freelance marketplace for outsourcing needs. Let’s look at the top 6 reasons:

Save money

Using freelance marketplaces is a way for companies to save on expenses like wages, overtime, benefits, space and more.

Hire teams quickly

When hiring teams or individuals from a freelance marketplace, you have wide diversity in the number of freelance profiles, portfolios and feedback that you can review to ensure you are making a wise choice.

The number of categories and sub-categories from which you can choose freelancers from are wide and varied. There are categories like IT, Web, Mobile, Design & Multimedia, Office & Administrative, Project Management and many more.

Enjoy flexibility with scaling up or down

SMBs and Fortune 500s can now enjoy the flexibility of adding or lessening the amount of people needed to work on projects or jobs as dictated by client and customer demand. Look at your major holidays where you will need extra manpower (especially Thanksgiving, Christmas and marketing campaigns). Add and subtract independent contractors easily and quickly – even right now!

Hire the right person for the right job

Using the freelance marketplaces allow companies to get the right talent – globally. Sometimes it’s possible that a company may need a talent or skill that is difficult to find within the local market or geographical region. With the large numbers of skilled workers in the marketplace, companies are much more apt to find just who they need for the job.

Get projects completed on time and efficiently

Managers can decide on when they want a project completed. They can set up the project with one deadline date or multiple milestone dates. They can also require status reports to be kept abreast of the freelancer’s progress. In addition, the major freelance marketplaces usually provide robust reporting for review.

Have flexible payment methods

Freelance marketplaces do their best to provide the employer (or buyer) a safe platform during hiring, working and paying. Some of them like Upwork or Guru take this one extra step by providing an escrow system. This helps ensure that the employer only pays for work done that has been received – and approved. In addition, many places have timers that ensures the employer only pays for time worked.

So act now. Don’t wait any longer to start using a freelance marketplace to complement your existing staff. You won’t regret it.
Pam Lokker is a skillful writer and proficient virtual assistant. Borlok Virtual Assistants is the place to get global expert Virtual Assistant services with quality and on-time delivery.

Revised 12/23/2017
You Can Find Good Paying Jobs on Freelance Marketplaces

You Can Find Good Paying Jobs on Freelance Marketplaces

Jobs are a dime a dozen on freelance marketplaces, but you can find good paying jobs. What can you do to increase your chances for ensuring that the job invitation you receive is legitimate?

Believe it or not, when my partner and I started freelancing in 2006, even though we were new, we did get buyers (or clients) inviting us for an interview. For just starting out, I would say we didn’t do too bad. Our specialty at that time was transcription. Through our persistence, we were actually able to find good paying jobs. That’s not to say the road was not a little bumpy, but the clients posting the jobs at that time had a good grasp of what someone should be paid.

Find Good Paying Jobs

Over the years we’ve slowly seen job offerings from a wide selection of countries globally. Your highest concentration of jobs being offered are from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, U.S., Canada, and the UK. Along with that concentration came the gradual disintegration of fair pay for an honest day’s work. For people in the U.S. and Canada, it’s common to see buyers posting jobs and demanding that independent contractors bid low, and I mean, VERY LOW.

Don’t misunderstand me. There are still jobs in the freelance marketplaces that will pay you a decent pay — but you’ve got to be on your toes, do your homework, and protect yourself from unscrupulous employers. Here are some lessons we have learned over the years that have increased our chances for bringing in good pay.

• If the job posting sounds just too good, it probably IS too good. This is where you really need to do your homework. Do they list their company name or any name at all, or can you glean any information from the search engines and/or places like the Better Business Bureau? Do they have any history in the freelance marketplace
• Depending on the freelance marketplace site you use, fixed rate jobs can spell trouble with a capital T — unless you have the option to request escrow.
• If you see a job posting and you declined it for one reason or another and it keeps getting posted, if you didn’t like it the first time, the chances are you won’t like it the third time around. 🙂
• Your gut instinct is the best judge of what you should or shouldn’t bid for. Pay attention!

Finding good-paying jobs on freelance marketplaces is difficult but possible. Have patience and perseverance — and above all, have a positive attitude. Good Luck!

SMB Change Management – Why You Should Embrace It

Small Businesses have so much going for them, and I applaud every single one of you for being entrepreneurial in spirit. You have taken the first step to fulfil your hopes, dreams, and goals. But, what would you do if you were suddenly confronted with change? SMB change management is not for the faint of heart. Would you embrace change or run from it? Continue reading “SMB Change Management – Why You Should Embrace It”

A Small Business Can Benefit From Outsourcing

A Small Business Can Benefit From Outsourcing

A small business can benefit from outsourcing. Now the business owner might think that freelancing is a thing of the past due to large corporations outsourcing most of their help overseas. But, that’s simply not the case. There is plenty of work nationally, plus you can outsource overseas yourself by outsourcing in Canada, UK, Australia, and lots of other countries.

Benefit From Outsourcing

So is there a way a small business can benefit from outsourcing? Yes, there are three specific ways to go about it:

1. Identify the tasks you can outsource

What do you have on your plate right now that you can have someone else take care of, thereby freeing up time for you — things like transcription, article submission, copywriting or copy editing and much more. Make a list and then prioritize them.

2. Systematize tasks

Before you give work to a freelancer, you want to make sure that you write up your instructions so they are clear. One problem I see with clients all the time when they are outsourcing to me is that they skip steps. Not every freelancer will try to fill in the missing step. They will sit there and say “I can’t do that; it doesn’t work.” Be complete and concise in writing out what you want your freelancer to do and avoid any misunderstandings up front.

3. Don’t wait until your workload demands that you get extra help immediately.

The time to go through the process of finding freelancers is now before you end up with a short deadline. Check out the major freelance marketplaces. Need some more encouragement as to how a small business can benefit from outsourcing? Check out this article: Recap on the Benefits of Becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Are there other avenues you can pursue to find good, honest freelancers? Sure there are. If you travel a lot and attend a lot of conventions or seminars, keep your eye out for virtual assistants that may be there, as well. Another option would be to search the internet under keywords like outsourcing, freelancing, virtual assistants, and a wide variety of others such as benefits, freelance marketplace or independent contractors.

Being proactive and taking a look at what you can outsource now, organizing your possibilities, and then looking for good outsource possibilities now will save you time and money in the long-term. Do you need a jump start at making that list? According to this article, Outsourcing: Three Keys to Outsourcing Success by Janet Attard, “When you are a one-person or micro-sized business you not only have to create the product or do the income-producing service, you also need to answer calls from customers, make sales calls, get a website set up, get active in social media, send out invoices, do the bookkeeping, keep marketing your business, and do a whole lot of other things, too. To keep up with it all you could easily work 12 to 14 hours a day , 6 or 7 days a week.” Does that help to kick start you?
Pam Lokker is a skillful writer and proficient virtual assistant. She is co-owner of Borlok Virtual Assistants — the place to get global expert VA services with quality and on-time delivery.

Get Good Help Through Outsourcing

Get Good Help Through Outsourcing

You need extra help during the holidays for your marketing ventures and you need it fast. You’ve heard that outsource through a freelance marketing site is a good way to go, but you wonder if it is possible to get good help through outsourcing.Nowadays, businesses need help both prior to and during the upcoming holidays. Is there an economical way to pick up some extra help without stretching the budget to the breaking point?

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