As many of you know, I like to write; and one of the categories that I like to write about are reviews.

Some of the reviews that I will be sharing with you are services or products. Some of them will be services or products that I or my partner have used, and some of them will refer you to affiliate products or services. In addition, you might even get information where we have done neither of these two things – but I have performed research on the product or service that will enable us to give you our own opinion. We promise we will not give you a good review on something that just doesn’t deserve one.

Borlok Virtual Assistants LLC promises to use our CARE process when deciding what to write about:


Concise – I promise not to ramble and give you information that you can’t use to make an informed decision should you wish to look further into the product or service we are writing about.


Affiliate Disclosure – Borlok Virtual Assistants LLC and Borlok VA eTraining Manuals are an affiliate of multiple advertisers. As such, we are required by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to practice full disclosure. Effective October 1, 2014, if one of our posts has an affiliate link(s), we will not only tell you that, but we will inform you that we will be compensated if you make purchases using them. As I can get time, I will also update our older posts.


Reliable – No review is reliable if you can’t trust the information that is written. We will not be paid just to give you a good review.


eTraining Manuals – whenever possible, if Borlok VA can provide you with a step-by-step way to use a product or service, we’ll give you that too. Of course, not everything will we be able to do this with.

If you want us to review something, feel free to contact us.

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