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Many, many years ago, two young ladies ended up at a co-educational private boarding school about 75 miles north of Phoenix. One of the ladies was a student, and one worked as an employee for the school. It wasn’t long before the two met and became fast friends.

It was at this time the two knew it was destiny that they met. You see, I am one of those friends.

Work Experience

Would you believe from the time we met we acted as true partners and worked together on EVERYTHING. Our philosophy has always been to learn as many jobs as possible to increase our knowledge and give whoever we worked for our utmost dedication. We did everything for both the school and camp imaginable. Below is just a partial list of the duties that one or both of us held at the school and camp:

Switchboard Operator/Receptionist Camp Secretary Accounts Payable
Attendance Secretary Typing Teacher Health Center NA
Accounts Receivable Mail Clerk Admissions Secretary

Silly us. Circa 1982, we each went our separate ways for a time and moved down to Phoenix. My partner became employed for a major semi-conductor manufacturing firm, while I became employed for a major credit card company. We joined forces again in 1983. Our qualifications are just as numerous at these two companies:

Manufacturing Associate Customer Service Representative Probe Operator
On-line Trainer Trainer Coordinator Specification Writer
Training Manual Developer B2B Coordinator Relay Authorizer
B2B Analyst Virtual Assistant

Moving on to January, 2000, I had the good fortune of becoming a virtual assistant and working out of our home base, all while still working for the same credit card company. Years seem to have flown by quickly after that. My partner took advantage of early retirement from her company and decided to take some time for rest and relaxation.

We actually started freelancing for our business in June of 2006. We started out doing a variety of services for a major freelance company. Through the years, we started getting more and more clients and becoming more successful by the day. Now look at where we are:

Transcription Customer Service via Phone, Email, & Tickets
Proofreading Data Entry
Word Processing Internet Research
Article & Press Release Submissions Article/Press Release Editing & Writing
Basecamp Project and Team Coordinator Business Plan Editing
Campaigner Email Marketing Accounts Receivable

As you can see, we’ve had a very diverse history. We continue to carve out our niche in the business world. Who knows what the future will hold? I am sure it will be no less colorful than what is shown above.

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