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You cannot hope to succeed in getting and keeping customers if you fail to do site content audits. Your main goal for performing site content audits is to gain access to a comprehensive framework of content review. Moreover, you become aware of shortcomings, opportunities, and improvements that can be made to your website. Consequently, this ensures your content is relevant, accurate, and engaging.

Neal Patel states, “Starting a website content audit is one of the best steps you can take to improve your content marketing strategy. Compiling all of your assets in one place makes it much easier to see what needs improving and which assets are missing. It also makes it easier to prioritize and fix issues.”

  • Analyzing your website provides you with first-hand knowledge about the performance of your content.
  • Pages lacking in SEO are corrected sooner.
  • An audit gives direction for future content creation, refreshing existing content, and repurposing.

While I was going through the certification class from American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI), we analyzed many websites. All things considered, it was amazing to see how many websites rated poorly in search engine optimization (SEO), the attraction of potential and returning customers, or both. Many of them did not even pass our inspection of the home page. I don’t want you to have that same fate.

Borlok Virtual Assistants offers many website services. Pam Lokker is certified as a content audit specialist. We can help you with your audit. Click here to get your site contact audit now!

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