You Can Find Good Paying Jobs on Freelance Marketplaces

Jobs are a dime a dozen on freelance marketplaces, but you can find good paying jobs. What can you do to increase your chances for ensuring that the job invitation you receive is legitimate?

Believe it or not, when my partner and I started freelancing in 2006, even though we were new, we did get buyers (or clients) inviting us for an interview. For just starting out, I would say we didn’t do too bad. Our specialty at that time was transcription. Through our persistence, we were actually able to find good paying jobs. That’s not to say the road was not a little bumpy, but the clients posting the jobs at that time had a good grasp of what someone should be paid.

Find Good Paying Jobs

Over the years we’ve slowly seen job offerings from a wide selection of countries globally. Your highest concentration of jobs being offered are from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, U.S., Canada, and the UK. Along with that concentration came the gradual disintegration of fair pay for an honest day’s work. For people in the U.S. and Canada, it’s common to see buyers posting jobs and demanding that independent contractors bid low, and I mean, VERY LOW.

Don’t misunderstand me. There are still jobs in the freelance marketplaces that will pay you a decent pay — but you’ve got to be on your toes, do your homework, and protect yourself from unscrupulous employers. Here are some lessons we have learned over the years that have increased our chances for bringing in good pay.

• If the job posting sounds just too good, it probably IS too good. This is where you really need to do your homework. Do they list their company name or any name at all, or can you glean any information from the search engines and/or places like the Better Business Bureau? Do they have any history in the freelance marketplace
• Depending on the freelance marketplace site you use, fixed rate jobs can spell trouble with a capital T — unless you have the option to request escrow.
• If you see a job posting and you declined it for one reason or another and it keeps getting posted, if you didn’t like it the first time, the chances are you won’t like it the third time around. 🙂
• Your gut instinct is the best judge of what you should or shouldn’t bid for. Pay attention!

Finding good-paying jobs on freelance marketplaces is difficult but possible. Have patience and perseverance — and above all, have a positive attitude. Good Luck!

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