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Learn new information to keep your brain sharp and energized. What do I mean by learn new information daily? I’m going to start off by using the Phoenix Bird as an example to illustrate the steps you can take.

Learn New Information

Read New Material

Now, I know we’re all strapped for time. So what is the best way to learn quickly? My technique is to rely on the information-loaded internet. I can do a search on a term (like Phoenix Bird) and then check out my old favorite, Wikipedia.

As I was looking into the phoenix, this is what my online friend gave me: Phoenix (mythology). So what did I learn within this article? Let’s take some short things that I learned and relate them to our post.

What is the phoenix?

The phoenix is a mythological bird (no, you won’t find this bird in your backyard) that you might often see referred to as a firebird. This gorgeous bird was prevalent in Persian mythology, Phoenician mythology, Chinese mythology, Egyptian mythology, and last but not least, Greek mythology.


It’s been stated that the phoenix could live from 500-1,000 years. At the end of the bird’s cycle, he would build a nest of twigs and then light the nest up (Hmmm, I wonder if he used matches?) with the phoenix being in the center of the nest. Obviously, the nest and the phoenix are reduced to ashes; however, a brand new young phoenix (or phoenix egg – there’s variations that I found) will be like its older predecessor again living 500-1,000 years.


The phoenix is said to have been a gorgeous bird with brilliant colors. While the different mythology legends couldn’t quite agree on the actual color of the firebird, the tail is said to be gold and scarlet (or a purple, blue, or green). Now you have to understand that this bird was no small fry; it was reported to be approximately the size of an eagle.

Take Notes

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As you can see, I could get totally immersed into the subject of the phoenix. Gee, you don’t suppose it’s because I live in Phoenix, Arizona, do you? Anyway, you too are likely to get involved in the subject you are reading on — whether it be an eBook, magazine, book, newspaper — and I’m sure you will want to save some of that valuable information. So what do you do? Take notes, either on paper or electronically, and you’ll have something to refer back to.

Relate the Information

Taking my example again of the phoenix, try and relate the information to some other information you might be interested in. In my case I was interested to learn that there were several people that retold stories about the phoenix:

  • The Roman poet Ovid wrote about the phoenix.
  • French author Voltaire described the phoenix.

So one way to relate the information might be to tuck the knowledge that a Roman poet, as well as a French author, wrote about this magnificent bird. Another way to relate the information might be to relate it to present-day life or to your own daily life.

Apply the Information

The phoenix is often associated with resurrection, healing, and peace. If you are a new virtual assistant, you can rest in the knowledge that you can succeed, you can get help when you need it from social networking, and you can become at peace within yourself, even if you have recently lost a full-time job, are going through a divorce, or some other disaster in your life.

While I probably made this article a little longer than I should have, I wanted to share my love of the phoenix while sharing some helpful hints that you can apply as you learn new information daily. Take care to always look on the future with optimism and excitement as you look for opportunities to learn new information. Then make sure you take steps to remember some of the information you might have gained by taking notes, relating it to other information, and applying it to your present situation. A virtual assistant can and should learn new information daily.

Revision 2/3/2020:  I learn something new every day. Whether it is some little thing or some new process that I can apply to Borlok Virtual Assistants, LLC or our subsidiaries, I love learning. My feeling is that you can never learn too much!

For example, just recently I learned how to add an image to a sidebar using the Overlay theme in WordPress. It took me a little time to wrap my arms around the process, but I did it! You can learn new things too!

Pam Lokker is a master writer and a virtual assistant professional. While we are not currently taking on new clients, Borlok Virtual Assistants has been the place to get global expert VA services with quality and on-time delivery for many years.

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