Get Back Lost Customers

Getting back lost customers is possible. For instance, virtual assistants and small to medium-sized businesses suddenly realize their customer list is dropping. Are you doing all you can to get those customers to return to you? Get back lost customers now!

Wait! Come Back!

Get Back Lost Customers

Your customers can and will return to you if you follow four steps to regain lost customers. Let’s take a look at each of them individually. First is owning the mistake.

Own the mistake

This means that you can’t blame the customer for a falling out. Take ownership (at least part of it) of what caused them to go to another provider. Were you rude? Maybe you irritated them by constantly pushing ‘I’ instead of ‘you.’ Perhaps the customer left because of personal reasons. Try showing a little empathy. Getting back lost customers takes a little soul-searching, patience, and persistence. Second, let’s look at doing a reality check.

Do a reality check

Have you checked back with the customer to see how they’re doing? Do a reality check — ask them for their input as to what can be done differently if they feel the falling out is due to something that you did. Clients generally are not bashful about giving you feedback about what ‘coulda, shoulda’ been done. In addition, you must not ignore customer feedback.

Customer feedback is essential.

Borlok Virtual Assistants knows customer feedback is critical because the client appreciates being included in decisions. It makes them less cranky when something’s not going their way. Positive customer relationships are vital to your business. Also, you will gain a wealth of information that could help you improve how you operate your business. Who knows, maybe their answers won’t hurt as bad as any solution you envision. Third is what it takes to go above and beyond.

Go above and beyond 

Moreover, if the customer shows you that you or your small business is the problem, apologize. That’s right; I said apologize. Then discuss with the customer a possible action plan to implement that will ensure a healthy business relationship with you should they agree to return. Make sure you integrate an excellent comprehensive customer service action plan. Finally — Follow through on that action plan.

Speaking of Follow-up

In general, you are not done once you complete a project for a customer. Oh no, not so, my friend. You have one more step you can do to keep and bring back customers. Next, follow up with them and get their feedback on how you are doing.

Importance of feeling valued

According to Forbes, here is a guideline you can use to make your customers feel they are important and valued:

Know my previous interactions—30%
Follow up to ensure I’m satisfied—27%
Greet me by name—20%
Know my purchase history—15%

Get Your Customers Back Now!

Client Retention Is Critical for you. Clients (and customers) are the core of all Small to Medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Take care to provide A-1 customer service and satisfaction to your clients. Specifically, do everything you can to keep your customers. Be proactive and contact them.

Your Customers are Precious. 

First, own up to any mistakes you might have made if they suggest you are the problem. Second, do a reality check and get their advice on how things could improve. Third, ensure you go above and beyond to meet or exceed their expectations. Finally, take steps to fix what your customer thinks is wrong. Follow these four steps. Just because they become lost does not mean they have to stay lost.
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Revised 3/30/2023
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