Is Blue Host Really a Host and Do They Provide Excellent Service?

Remember when Borlok Virtual Assistants took the leap and decided to migrate to a self-hosting website in order to be better equipped to keep up with the competition and provide services that our clients would like to see? Well, in order to do that, Borlok VA decided to migrate from over to

This post has been updated 12/18/2014

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Now of course we went through all the fears and trepidations of deciding whether that was really the wise, strategic choice and did lots of research before deciding that it was truly the best course of action. We started out doing our research on and quickly came to realize that they had made the decision much easier for us. goes out of their way to provide recommendations for hosting companies that will be compatible with their newest version and will meet their minimum requirements. For the well-being of their company, the partners at Borlok VA felt that no decision should be made lightly and took extra time to research each company that was recommended at

After examining the five sites they had listed and weighing the pros and cons of each, the partners decided to go with Blue Host. Among the various reasons we chose this company were that they were touted to have excellent customer service; but do they REALLY mean that? I mean, after all, we were going to need support if we got into trouble, right?

Read on my friends. Besides Bluehost (affiliate link) being affordable (something that small businesses with little budget can appreciate), they also have unlimited hosting space, unlimited file transfer, 24/7 support/customer service, and much more. They have a Help system that you really have to see to believe – videos to walk you through steps and well-laid-out documentation to make your life with them easier.

Remember that customer service we went with them for? Borlok VA found themselves in multiple situations where they needed help – and needed it as soon as possible. The method they chose to communicate with Bluehost was their Live Chat feature.  Now I know that many of you will be looking for other reasons as their primary determinant on which self-hosting company to look for, but Borlok Virtual Assistants is totally satisfied with the customer service and services that Bluehost offers.

As a matter of fact, I just had the worst nightmare as far as one of our sites. Someone thought it would be neat to infect our site with bugs, worms, secret coding, you know, some of the yucky things that no business owner wants. Well, Bluehost was super helpful via their Live Chat, and VERY patient. After all, my knowledge only went so far. You could not ask for better customer service.

What is the bottom line for this company in our opinion? If you are looking to upgrade your website to a self-hosted site, then we highly recommend Bluehost. We have not had any negative experiences with them thus far. Therefore, the answer to our title, “Is Blue Host Really a Host and Do They Provide Excellent Service?” is YES.

Update 10/10/2016: We like Bluehost so well that we now have 4 websites with them:

Don’t have a website yet? Bluehost (affiliate link) can help you with that.