Strip out Overused Consultant-speak Speech in Content

Why is it that when we see a word or phrase that we really like that we grab it and use them forever? Do you ever stop to think about the words you are using in content? Are they overused and full of consultant-speak speech? Well, let’s check out some words or phrases to consider stripping out of your content.

Strip Out Overused Superlatives

What the heck are superlatives? I don’t use them. Are you sure? Do you really know what a superlative is? Let’s check out Dictionary.com for some help.

1. of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others; supreme; extreme: superlative wisdom.
2. Grammar . of, pertaining to, or noting the highest degree of the comparison of adjectives and adverbs, as smallest, best, and most carefully, the superlative forms of small, good, and carefully.
3. being more than is proper or normal; exaggerated in language or style.

Let me give you five examples from random sites that I looked at:

• the biggest benefit
• the best managed
• need us the most
• the most notable
• the least promising

You can use these words – occasionally – but try not overdo it, okay?

Strip Out Overused Buzzwords

Buzzwords are overused a lot in content, even to the point of distraction. Buzzwords are usually trendy words that are specific to a certain group. For example, in the Information Technology (IT) industry, common buzzwords are SBS, MSP, VAR. In the Virtual Assistant (VA) world, one might speak of EA or VA or PA. Be careful that what you are talking about can be understood by the person it is intended for. Spell it out as I have done with IT or VA or leave it out.

Other types of buzzwords that are just used too much are popular words specific to a particular industry. Have any of these examples cropped up in your content writing?

• Thinking outside the box
• value-added
• alignment
• win-win

If you tend to use the words above, you would be better served to use alternative words in your content or leave them out altogether.

Strip Out Pronoun Overabundance

There are better ways to write proposals than using an overabundance of ‘I’, ‘you’ and the rest of the pronouns. In my opinion, it doesn’t show any creativity and is extremely boring. Quit it!

You want people to read your content, right? Well then, now is the time to strip out overused consultant-speak speech in that content. Get rid of overused superlatives and buzzwords and leave the pronouns back in your office

Pam Lokker is a skillful writer and proficient virtual assistant. Borlok Virtual Assistants is the place to get global expert VA services with quality and on-time delivery.

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