YOU Are the Reason We Missed Your Deadline

I am your virtual assistant but you are the reason we missed your deadline. Why you might ask? Read on to see the top three reasons we didn’t meet that all important end date.

We Missed Your Deadline
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You did not open the email I sent you

I know your time is important. I also know that your deadlines are critical to you. Therefore, if I send you an email, it’s because it’s important. I need information in order to finish the project I am working on for you.

Okay. Maybe I’m being a little harsh on you. I mean you are busy. I understand that. But, remember when I reminded you on the phone the other day that I needed those Q1 stats in order to include them in the presentation you needed to have done (OMG, that was four days ago!)? You said you would get them to me by end of that day. Ummm, I’m still waiting – and your deadline is over. Then, come to find out, you failed to do the second reason for why we missed your deadline.

You didn’t READ the email

Oh, you did open the email? I stand corrected. However, did you READ that email? Or did you think to yourself, “Oh, I don’t have time right now. I’ll read it later.” While I know your time is precious and you don’t always have the time to handle my email right away, especially with the amount of email you receive, there are multiple ways depending on the email provider you use to flag my email so you can handle it right away when you get to your email again later in the day. It goes without saying that you should read carefully so that you make sure that you answer all issues or concerns in my email – or any email, for that matter.

This leads up to the third reason I did not meet your deadline.

You didn’t follow up!

Maybe you put the email in your drafts thinking that you would read it over to make sure you had everything in the email that you wanted me to include. However, if you don’t use your mouse to left click on Send, then I’m not going to get the information I need in time. As you can see, it’s a harsh consequence when I don’t get what I need. Now your boss is mad at you because the project was for one of our major clients that our company was trying to impress. It doesn’t leave a good impression when we fail to meet our obligations. Don’t fall into that trap!

We Missed Your Deadline!

I am your virtual assistant. Help me help you by getting me the information I ask for in plenty of time so we both can meet that upcoming deadline – the earlier the better. Then we both look good 😉

Pam Lokker is a master writer and a virtual assistant professional. Borlok Virtual Assistants is the place to get global expert VA services with quality and on-time delivery.

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