Buyers Are Not Always Right

You know what? Buyers are not always right. What?! I can’t believe you’re saying this. Well, it’s true. Buyers have a tendency to believe that their virtual assistant is just sitting on his or her laurels with baited breath waiting for that one call indicating that something has to be done right now.

You see, buyers tend to forget that virtual assistants have more than one client to take care of. Depending on the client, they have needs that need to be prioritized too.

So Buyer, beware! You may not get your project done right away. Give your virtual assistant some advance notice or be prepared for a letdown. Work with them by giving clear details about your project.

You mean the world to us; however, we are not afraid to tell you no, I can’t do that right now. I can have it for you in 2-3 days, though. Will that work all right?

Virtual assistants get hungry too, and one client just doesn’t put food on the table.