Straight Talk Rewards Can Save You Money

Any time I can save money, I am all for it. And, I love the Straight Talk Rewards program because I can rack up points that I can turn around and apply them towards free service – and you can too!

straight talk rewards program

Who Is Straight Talk?

Many of you may know or have read on our site that Straight Talk is actually part of TracFone which in turn is a subsidiary of América Móvil.

Update: Straight Talk and TracFone are no longer under America Movil. TracFone was purchased by Verizon; Straight Talk is a subsidiary of TracFone. 

Straight Talk convenience provides a wide array of flexibility for you. Their reward program provides you with the same level of flexibility.

What is Straight Talk Wireless Rewards

This is your opportunity to win points each month towards free service. Not only that, you can get added bonuses of instant local discounts and other benefits.

What Do I Need to Do to Sign Up?

It couldn’t be easier. You just Text “Rewards” to 611611 from your mobile device. To check your points balance, just reply POINTS.

What are the Different Point Types?

You can see at a glance when you log into your Straight Talk Rewards account. The tabs you can check are the different Free Perks, ways to Earn Points, Redeem Points and then your Activity.

Check your points by going to My Activity. You will see Available points and Pending points.

Now when I signed up today, I got 600 points that show as Pending. That means they can’t be redeemed yet, and you usually need to wait 30 days before they are redeemable.

How Can I Get Points?

You are really going to like this. Once you join, you can get points in multiple ways. For example, let’s take a look at some of the different options:

  • Service Plan Renewal – every time you renew your service plan. Best of all, if you enroll in Auto-Refill, your points DOUBLE!
  • Games and More – You can play games, watch short video clips, share on social, refer friends and more EACH MONTH to quickly build your point balance.
  • BOGOS – Buy one and get one free offers.
  • Refer Your Friends! – The more friends you refer, the more points you get.

So now what? You have accumulated quite a few points. Therefore, you are curious how you can redeem those Points, right?

What Can I Redeem Points For?

Redeem those points for free, (Yes, I said free) stuff. Do you want to see some examples?

Free Perks – Save money (my plan says up to $100 per month; yours may be different.) For instance, rewards can give you instant access to FREE perks, including the member favorite of local discounts, where you can save on shopping, dining, entertainment, automotive and other daily activities.

I can’t wait to give you an idea of some of the Free Perks you can get.

  • Service Plans – Once you become a member of Straight Talk Rewards, you can learn how to get a free service plan. All you need to do is refill your Straight Talk Service Plan.

New Plan! $35 Unlimited Plan with up to 3GB of High Speed Data at Straight Talk!

  • High-Speed Data – Explore how you can get faster data.
  • Phone Promo Codes – You might someday want to get an upgraded phone or gift the promo to someone you know. Cash in points for dollars off!
  • International Calling – Do you have someone you want to call overseas? You can actually cash in some of your points.
  • Prescription Savings – Please remember that the perks that I have may not be the same as yours; however, they are available to many customers. Prescription savings would be worth it just for that!

straight talk prescription rewards

Final Words

What? You don’t have Straight Talk yet but do have your own phone with another company? Why not switch to Straight Talk BYOP. Once you do that, you will be able to sign up for the rewards program and be able to start saving money.

I have just barely started in the Straight Talk Rewards program and can’t wait to see all the different ways I can save money. So, here is our word of advice. Sign up now!
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