Phone Service

Both partners at Borlok VA started their phone service careers early in life. We both started out as switchboard operators and receptionists. The switchboard position was on a co-educational private school and camp. Everyone from the headmaster through the gamut of students, parents, campers, teachers and employees received the same exemplary service.

As the partners each went on our own ways for a time, we each added different skills to our resumes (take a look at our About Page).

I have extensive experience in the customer service arena starting with my employment with American Express. Not only did I handle customer service inquiries from cardholders, I also worked up through the ranks and became a coordinator and analyst for strategic suppliers and for managers of account development; so I am very comfortable with working with both internal and external customers.

My partner was a trainer at Motorola. She has quite an extensive background of working on the phone and in person with both upper management and associates.

Below is a short list of phone roles that one or both of us are accomplished at:

  • Receiving and placing phone calls
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Appointment confirmations

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