Download Ringtones and Graphics To Your Straight Talk Phone Now!

Now that you have your Straight Talk phone and have chosen the Straight Talk Service Plan that you need, you probably are wondering if you can download ringtones and graphics. Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, you can!

Straight Talk has many options available, depending of course on the model of phone that you have. With many of them, you can download ringtones, graphics, games; log onto information services such as news, weather and sports (“Information Services”); check your email and log into your social sites like Twitter and Facebook; and utilize multimedia services (“MMS”) (ringtones, graphics, Information Services and MMS are collectively referred to as (“Downloads and More Data Services”) through the Mobile Web (“Browser”) or on your PC at www.straighttalk.com/MobileWeb.

Here’s how.

1. Log into www.straighttalk.com/MobileWeb and enter your phone number in the box that looks like the below:

Straight Talk Ringtones & Graphics

2. A new window will come up that will ask you to confirm your phone number.

Click the button that says Continue. If you’ve entered it correctly, you will be taken to another new window where you will be introduced to a whole new universe of download features that you have with certain Straight Talk Phone models. Let’s take a look at some of these great features:


While this might sound a little technical for some of you, there are two main types of ringtones you can get – Polyphonic Tones and Music Tones. Your model of phone will show you which types you can get.

Unless you have an Android model of phone, you can preview all ringtones on the Straight Talk website (Android users will need to go to “Google Play” on your phone in order to preview the ringtones.


Currently you can only get graphics in black and white.


With a Nokia 6790 or Nokia E71, you can only download content by opening the Nokia OVI store on your phone.

Android users you must go to the “Google Play” icon on your phone to download content.

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Revised 7/2/2022

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