Straight Talk Hotspot Connects Your Straight Talk Device To the Internet

Does your straight talk device have a Straight Talk Hotspot feature? What’s that you say? According to About.com, there are several different names you might see hotspot referred to including mobile wi-fi hotspot, wi-fi hotspot or portable hotspot.

Straight Talk’s Hotspot is what gives you access to the Internet while you are home or traveling to a different destination – but it does take setting it up so you can play games, connect your devices and watch those videos you’ve been wanting to see. The mobile hotspot provides wi-fi access for your devices like tablets, notepads, Androids and more and can simultaneously support five different devices. However, be aware that the more devices you have utilizing the wi-fi hotspot, the speed, accessibility and coverage can vary based on the device, network availability and usage.

Straight Talk Hotspot

Setting up for activation on your Straight Talk mobile hotspot is easy. First enter your zip code or the zip code of the person you are giving a Straight Talk device to. Then follow these 3 steps to get your Straight Talk Hotspot to work:

1. Select your Straight Talk Hotspot device

Currently, the options for a mobile hotspot from Straight Talk are the Mobile Hotspot (Unimax U240C New or a reconditioned mobile hotspot of the same version.

When you receive your mobile hotspot, you should have five things in the package — the Unimax U240C, the wall charger, the charging cable, activation instructions and the Services Guide and User Manual.

2. Select a service plan

You have five service options to choose from:

• 1 GB Data (30-day)
• 2 GB Data (30-day)
• 4 GB Data (60-day)
• 5 GB Data (60-day) and
• 7 GB Data (60-day)

Plans are subject to change. These plans are only for use with Straight Talk Hotspots only. What this means is that Non-Hotspot Plans, for use with other Straight Talk products, will not work with Straight Talk Hotspots. The plans include data and service days only. You won’t have availability of Voice, text and messaging services, and there is no international service.

Just be aware that this is not your desktop! A mobile hotspot is not meant for streaming movies, music, TV shows, downloading, just to name a few things. Before you purchase any mobile hotspot, I would recommend you check up on the Internet about them and read the reviews that have been written on the Unimax U240C. Also read up on the data plans and understand that it is going to depend on what you are going to do with your Straight Talk Hotspot as to how quickly you will use up your data.

3. Activate your Hotspot

If you want your Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot to work, you are going to need to activate it, and you will need to have a positive balance in your service plan. You will be able to activate after you purchase the hotspot device, along with the data service plan. Of course, you must be sure to read the Terms and Conditions as set forth by Straight Talk.

If you need additional information on setting up the mobile hotspot, you can check the manual, call Straight Talk, email them or do live chat with them. Their website is straighttalk.com; you can reach them through their Contact Us page.

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