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Who Is Tenable Inc.

Tenable Inc. is located in Columbia, MD, and is a cyber exposure company. Their website indicates that over 24,000 organizations use their website and products or services to not only understand  but also lessen the devastating results that can occur from cyber risk.

See what they say on their website about their customers:

“Tenable customers include 53 percent of the Fortune 500, 29 percent of the Global 2000 and large government agencies. Learn more at tenable.com.”

That is a big percentage of customers that put their trust in Tenable Inc. to protect them from vulnerability risk. You should take that all-important step and protect your cyber assets now.

Tenable Inc.

Cyber Assets Explained

What? You don’t know what cyber assets are? If you haven’t read our article yet on why computer security is vital, you may want to take a moment and read it. Your cyber risk doesn’t just apply to your physical devices however. You need to protect all of your information technology (IT) assets. Let’s look at Techopedia.com‘s definition of IT Asset:

“An IT asset is a piece of software or hardware within an information technology environment. Tracking of IT assets within an IT asset management system can be crucial to the operational or financial success of an enterprise. IT assets are integral components of the organization’s systems and network infrastructure.”

This includes things such as listed below:

    • Mobile Devices
    • Laptops/Desktops
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Internet of Things (IoT) – This is not an actual thing; it is a computing concept. Put simply, it describes how everyday physical objects are being connected to the internet and then being able to identify themselves to other devices.
    • Servers
    • Web Applications
    • And more

Back to Tenable Inc.

What would you say if you heard that all these digital technologies are the future? Are they really? I would say the future is here and now. It is estimated that by 2019, there will be over 9 billion IoT devices deployed in the enterprise. Now think about the possibility that 90% of organizations have applications running in the cloud today.

Tenable Inc.’s goal is to provide every organization (yes, that means small businesses like you as a virtual assistant) as well as the large corporations, with the visibility and insight to answer the following four critical questions.

  1. Where are you exposed?
  2. Where should you prioritize based on risk?
  3. Are you reducing your exposure over time?
  4. How do you compare to your peers?

It is easy to see that their claim to be the cyber exposure company really measures up. As such, they are a corporate member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), an organization that is made up of its members. Their purpose is to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing.

How Does Tenable Help

There are three different ways that Tenable increases your knowledge and understanding of cyber exposure. First would be products; second is solutions and third is compliance.


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This is the world’s first Cyber Exposure platform to see and secure any asset on any computing platform. There is a 60-day free trial. Tenable.io enables you to see and track all of your assets with unmatched accuracy. Sign up now and run your first scan within 60 seconds.

The next product Tenable Inc. offers is Nessus Pro.

Nessus Pro

This also has a free trial period for 7 days. People use Nessus Pro to identify vulnerabilities, policy-violating configurations and malware that attackers use to penetrate your or your customer’s network.  The purchase includes enrollment in Tenable Inc.’s Automatic Subscription Renewal Service for $2190 per year (USD).


Tenable has a wide variety of solutions for you. To make it convenient for you, I have listed them below for you.

Business Solutions
  • IoT/OT
  • Application Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Compliance
Industry Solutions
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • State / Local / Education
  • US Federal
Compliance Solutions
  • PCI
  • CyberScope

In summary, Tenable Inc. goes out of their way to provide you with everything you need in the cyber exposure arena. Still feel a little unsure as to the integrity of this company? Tenable is front and center for its customers. Most notable is that you can get a comprehensive customer service experience through multiple avenues:

  • email,
  • chat,
  • support portal,
  • documentation documents,
  • security advisories,
  • professional services and
  • customer education.

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