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Megabite Steps Up To the Plate and Provides IT Support to Art of Hope Gallery

Megabite Services takes the meaning of IT support and services to a new level with the company’s dedication and volunteer services to a famous artist.

(Fernandina Beach, FL – July 3, 2011) – Anyone can call themselves an artist, but are they really? Individuals might dabble in painting, pottery, ceramics, or a myriad of other related disciplines that are an extension of gifted minds and hands. To some extent, they all use Information Technology (IT) in one fashion or another to either design, sell, or just track their pieces. Megabite.co volunteers their time and IT support services to one such gifted artist – Tony Ryals.

Tony is different, but he would tell you, “Never Ever Give Up Your Diff-ability.” You see, Tony is driven by a vision — a vision that he  can see with his mind, can paint with his mouth, but can’t touch with hands or feet. The gifted artist of Jacksonville, Florida, has his own art gallery that he calls his Art of Mouth where he has proven that individuals who are not ‘perceived to be whole’ in the public eye can rise above to a height of success that few others achieve.

As an art gallery, the use of information technology is very much a big part of Tony’s vision — computers are very much a part of his active life. But with the dependence on computers came a need for someone that would be able to provide IT support and services to his budding gallery, as well as to his many other ventures that he has become involved with over the years.

With Megabite’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of printing, graphic design and computer repair, and Tony’s ever-probing mind into new ways to display his art, the two joined forces, complementing each other’s strengths and gifts in a way that surpasses understanding.

According to Deryck Burnett, CEO of Megabite Services, “Tony has a unique perspective on life and business. Not unlike our own vision, you might be a small business but you can be mighty if you set your mind to it.  Tony has proven that over and over again, and we’re delighted to offer him complimentary IT support and services to help him achieve his goals.”


About the Company:  Megabite Services provides computer services from a break-and-fix model to managed IT services. We service both Macs and PCs. Megabite can repair, integrate and manage both platforms, along with portable wireless devices like smart phones such as the iPhone and BlackBerry, and computer tablets such as the iPad. We service not only the IT needs of our customers, but also their multimedia needs – graphic arts and printing.

At Megabite, I.T. is made simple. Why not contact us today to receive a free consultation and learn how we can make your technology worry-free!

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