Borlok Virtual Assistants Target In on Their Niche for 2nd Quarter 2010

Borlok Virtual Assistants Target In on Their Niche for 2nd Quarter 2010

Summary: Borlok Virtual Assistants had a great year in 2009 and are looking ahead into the future by planning on expanding their knowledge and are planning new things to increase traffic to their sites.

PHOENIX, AZ, July 26, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — Borlok Virtual Assistants is anticipating another record-breaking year with new growth and plenty of opportunities for the company. The business is looking to solidify their niche and introduce their blog specifically designed to offer sweepstakes and contest fun to the virtual assistant world. Prior to this endeavor, the pre-existing blog did not specialize in a specific niche.

The site was specifically designed to provide sweepstakes and contest fun in all types of categories all over the United States. Now, the partners have plans to narrow their focus and gear the contests and sweepstakes specific to their niche of outsourcing and internet marketing.

When Borlok VA first developed the sweepstakes site, there was no way to tie the site to the company’s website or main company blog. Previously, the owners did not have enough knowledge to weave the sweepstakes blog into the services that the company offered. That has now changed. The partners now realize that they can now incorporate the sweepstakes blog into the family of virtual assistant sites and will begin to aggressively explore this new opportunity in the months ahead.

“Our sweepstakes blog was successful beyond our belief,” said Borlok partner Pam Lokker. “Now it’s time to provide a way for virtual assistants to have fun in an easily-accessible way and user-friendly way. Virtual Assistants like to have fun too. Borlok VA is ready and willing to provide a way for them to do it. At the same time, we’ll be providing valuable resources to the small business community.”

Borlok Virtual Assistants focuses primarily on providing internet marketing services to their clients. As the economy remains unstable and makes small business owners look into the future with fear in their hearts, Pam and her partner Dolly Grant greet the future with optimism. https://www.borlokvirtualassistants.com understands that internet marketing and outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular with larger businesses who are looking to overcome tighter budget constraints.

“We’re always looking for new and exciting resources to offer small business owners in the areas of internet marketing and virtual assistant outsourcing. It seems to be a natural fit to offer sweepstakes that offer prizes and giveaways in the areas of marketing and business, especially with online sweepstakes being so popular,” said Ms. Grant.

At the center of Borlok Virtual Assistants are services related to article marketing, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing. Additionally, they handle a variety of clerical functions common to most businesses.

The sweepstakes part of the business has been around since August of 2008. Traffic to the site has increased over the years with not much change. Ms Lokker said, “It’s now time for us to do what we do best – provide help, recreation, and resources to the internet industry.”


About Borlok Virtual Assistants: A Phoenix, AZ business offering expert global services with professionalism, on-time delivery and the quality businesses require. For more information or to arrange an interview contact Pam Lokker at: 888-433-3134 or https://www.borlokvirtualassistants.com.

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