New Straight Talk Unlimited Plan Is Here

Do you want to feel special and feel like a million bucks with Straight Talk’s Unlimited Plan? Why not try out their Platinum Unlimited. Oh, but also let me catch you up to date on how you can refill your Straight Talk Service Plan. The wonderful news is that they have new plans they have added.

straight talk unlimited plan
Let’s See. Which One?

How Many Service Plans Last Blog Post

I like talking about Straight Talk. They have so many options that are perfect for small business owners. I started writing about Straight Talk back in 2017 when I wrote Straight Talk Convenience Provides Flexibility for You. That year was a good year for me in writing about my cell phone provider that I use all the time.

New Straight Talk Unlimited Plans Available

Straight Talk has been busy since I wrote about how to refill your Straight Talk phone in 2018. At that time, you could choose from seven different plans that would meet your needs. Now, however, the Company has added twenty-five Straight Talk service plans, including the Platinum Unlimited Plan that gives you nationwide and international options, Mobile Protect, and unlimited data – all for only $65 per month or $60/mo. for 3 months with Auto-Refill.

So, who is Straight Talk? Straight Talk is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless. Both Straight Talk and TracFone are part of the Mexican company América Móvil. The details in the review may need to be updated, but both of these companies provide affordability, convenience, and flexibility.

Update: Both TracFone Wireless and Straight Talk are now part of Verizon.

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Final Words

Straight Talk has phones and service plans that you can use for both your personal use and your small business. Let me leave you with why the Platinum Unlimited Plan would be a good choice, as well as any of the other Straight Talk unlimited plans. Having a Straight Talk phone ensures that you can maintain positive customer relationships. You can reach out to them and not worry about having to refill your phone before a call.
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Revised 9/18/2023
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