eGO! Library Provides 5 Great Features

eGO! Library is just what the doctor ordered for someone like you who loves to read eBooks anywhere – anytime.

Are you a book lover? What if you could fill your USB Library with lots of ebooks – with a pleasing variety of fiction and non-fiction. eGO Library gives you just that opportunity.

eGO Library! just for you.

Your eReader is just begging you to provide it with a mixture of reading material. What could be easier than having the eGO! Library for eBooks.

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What is eGO! Library?

You can choose your favorite topics, titles and independent authors. Want many different categories to satisfy your craving? Your USB Library provides over 40 categories of eBooks from romance and sci-fi to murder mysteries or finance and fitness to biographies and business.

If you get right down to it, having your eGO! Library satisfies your ePleasure. Here are 5 reasons how.

  1.  Over 1,000 Titles & 250 Classics!
  2. Formats available for all eReaders and Mobile Devices
  3. Your USB Memory Stick is preloaded.
  4. Stop worrying about needing Wifi or Internet
  5. No downloading required
  6. FREE Worldwide Shipping!
3 Types of eGO! Library

Free-ebooks.net knows that people have different interests. That is why they have developed 3 types of eGO! Library to please you. Take a look:

  • eGO! Library – the one described above
  • eGO! Kids Library – 125 Classic Kids AudioBooks & 75 BONUS Classic Children’s eBooks
  • eGO! Audio Library – over 550 titles ready for your listening pleasure.

Ok, so maybe having a USB Library isn’t your cup of tea. Maybe you would rather choose your ebooks from the Internet? Would you like to pick and choose from all-new, rising authors. You can, you know. Independent writers offer both entertaining fiction/romance for your rest and relaxation, as well as non-fiction to help you find information from self-help to small business growth.

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