COMB Data Leak Massive in Scope Globally

Your emails and passwords are at risk in the COMB data leak. This data breach is massive in scope globally. Pay attention! You need to take action now to protect your private information.

comb data leak
Oh no! Your email has been compromised!!

The Actuality of a Data Breach

Why is it so critical that you must read about COMB, but you also need to understand the ramifications and what you can do to protect yourself.

CyberNews is quick to point out that COMB is not just one breach. Rather, it is the largest compilation of multiple breaches. That is why COMB is actually called the Compilation of Many Breaches.

Does a number like 3.2 billion scare the pants of you when you think of just how many data leaks have occurred? It should. That is the number showing on the Internet as to just how gargantuan this data breach is.

Seriously, repeat after me. “My emails and passwords are at potential risk in this COMB data leak.” As revealed by BGR, this Compilation of Many Breaches is aptly referred to as “the mother of all data breaches.

Data Breach Vulnerability

COMB Data Leak Exceeds Understanding

For example, 3 days ago from the writing of this post, BGR posted that 3.2B Email And Password Pairs Were Just Leaked In The Mother Of All Data Breaches. This is kind of mind boggling, isn’t it?

As a matter of fact, the COMB data breach involves more than 3.2 billion unique pairs of cleartext emails and passwords. As revealed by CyberNews, this massive data leak originated on a popular hacking forum. Significantly, multiple past leaks from Netflix, LinkedIn, Exploit.in, Bitcoin and more are combined. This leak is similar to the Breach Compilation of 2017. Reportedly, 1.4 billion credentials are reportedly leaked in that one, but COMB encompasses more than double the unique email and password pairs of the 2017 breach.

Security Infringement Protection

Remember what I said? Your email and passwords are likely compromised. Why not follow the security practices of Borlok Transcription in using strong security.

Thankfully, CyberNews gives you a lifeline to check if your email has been breached or not. In our opinion, we can’t stress enough that you need to change the passwords for all of your accounts that use the leaked email addresses – right now. Let me reiterate. Don’t wait. Do it now. This is too just too important for you to procrastinate on. Computer security is vital and you need to do everything you can to protect your emails and passwords against the COMB data breach.

Summary of the COMB Data Leak

Notably, their advice is that the two biggest ways you can protect your data is to first, get a dependable password manager; and second, always use two-factor authentication (2FA).

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Complete Worry-Free Business Security Suites

In conclusion, here are steps you can take right now to protect your data.

1. Check Your email on CSO
2. Change your password now on jeopardized emails.
3. Get a password manager.
4. Implement 2FA.
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