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Mom! Mom! Is that REALLY you Mom?

Mom! Mom! Is that REALLY you Mom?

Voices can be deceiving. You call someone up on the phone and think you know who you’re talking to, right? But, do you really?

For example, I had called my Mom once. You see, she’s in Colorado. I had the number for her memorized (I thought). I dialed the number because I had some very exciting news to tell her. This is how the conversation went:


Hi Mom. How are you?

Oh, Pam; I’m just fine. What have you been doing these days?

We must have talked for fifteen minutes, you know, the usual back and forth banter when you haven’t talked to someone in a long time. She finally came out and said are you still in Michigan?

Hmmm, I’ve never been in Michigan. Um, is this Mrs. Smith, Nancy Smith?

Well, no. Who is this?

Oh my gosh! Come to find out after exchanging details, we discovered that we were not mother and daughter at all. After totally and profusely apologizing for taking up her time, we both had a good laugh.

It made me realize that as people get older, their voices can change and become a little more raspy, deeper, more tired somehow, and how easy it is to carry on a complete conversation with someone you might not even know. It also made me realize that one should really take care to make sure they know who they are talking to so that you don’t take a chance on releasing personal information to someone you don’t know, especially in this day and time.

Another thing I learned was to not rely on memory when dialing phone numbers. One slip and look what happens. My partner could not believe that we both carried on a conversation for at least 15 minutes (she says) with a stranger and still laughs to this day.

So Mom! Mom! Is that REALLY, REALLY  you?

Cesar Millan: Our Dogs Are Laughing At Us!

Cesar Millan: Our Dogs Are Laughing At Us!

I was so excited today. My partner and I have two dogs – both part Australian Shepherds. Cesar Millan had a program on today where he was explaining to an owner how to keep two rambunctious super active and very inclined to do some extreme roughhousing boxers calm and submissive.

Dogs Are Laughing

Dogs are laughing

Our lesson for the day was how to straighten up, throw our chests out, and become pack leaders. Easy, right? I mean we had one of the best mentors in the world. Cesar Millan just straightens up, throws his chest out, strides toward the delinquents, points his arm, and throws out an occasional pssst! You know what? The dogs become instant obedient, well-trained pooches – I know without a doubt that he really is the “Dog Whisperer.”

All right. It’s time to practice our lesson. We take control of our beloved Aussies and stride out into the back yard. We did great! We really were the pack leaders. They were meek and mild as we went to the “play area.”

As we relax our rather over-endowed rears into our comfortable lounge chairs, we release the pack for play time. They get so rough however that we’re really afraid they’re going to hurt each other. We mentally rehearse how I should bring them back into a submissive mode.

Now picture this, if you can. I’m only 4’6″ tall. I straighten up, throw my chest out, purposefully stride towards the dogs, point my arm, and give a firm pssst. Cesar Millan, I swear I saw them rolling on the ground in glee. They take off at a run, knocking each other over, pushing, shoving, and just being very much the bad, bad dogs they can be. You know what else Cesar Millan? My partner and I SWEAR our dogs are laughing at us.

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