Bluehost Web Support: 4 Ways to Get Help

Bluehost web support is next to none if you need to have help with your website. You see, Borlok Virtual Assistants, LLC uses Bluehost as a web hosting company for all their websites. When I run into trouble with my website, I usually need to have web support as soon as possible — like immediately. Here is how Bluehost web support can serve you with the much-needed help you need.

bluehost web support
Help! My Website is Down!

Bluehost Web Support

Phone Support

What could be easier than picking up the phone and speaking with a knowledgeable person on the other end that not only makes you feel at ease, but also has the technical expertise needed to help you with your issue. Calling Bluehost up has been a breeze – not only when I need phone support for my websites, but also my clients who use the Bluehost platform for their website. Not only am I able to get help during regular business hours, but I’m also able to reach someone by phone 24/7.

Email Support

When staying on the phone with someone isn’t always convenient, I can rest assured that I can always send an email to the Help Center. The Company attempts to answer most submissions within 30 minutes; however, if they can’t because it takes more research, I can rest assured that I’ll get an answer within 24 hours.

Chat Support

I am particularly happy that if I need support from my web hosting company, I can chat with someone online. The tech support agents have always been helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable, making this one of my favorite types of web support to use.


Sometimes I don’t always need to speak with an agent from Bluehost.com; I may need a little hands-on assistance that I can get through their support resources. I have found the center to be full of articles, guides, how-tos, instructions, and answers to most frequently asked questions.

Now I’m not a tech savvie person, but any means. So if I’m going to use Video “How-to” Tutorials, they are going to need to follow the 4 Cs of successful training. That means that they shouldn’t be missing steps, I should be able to easily understand them and all the videos are in a similar format. I take my hat off to Bluehost because the videos are what I consider to be super and right in line with their Bluehost comprehensive customer service.
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