Feline Child Strikes Again!

I’m trying to work, I really am; but my feline child has her own challenges that she demands I take care of immediately. How do you resist your feline child that lays so blissfully on your desktop helping you work?

Virtual Assistants Help SMBs Be a Success

Today I’m going to discuss the top ways virtual assistants help SMBs be a success. ***Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make purchases using them. Please see our affiliate disclosure.*** Are you overwhelmed with tasks on your plate and have decided that you need a virtual assistant stat

Should Virtual Assistants Be Concerned with Google’s New Algorithm

Everyone has been talking about it. Since Google changed their algorithm, there’s been a lot of concern whether or not article writers and virtual assistants should stay away from writing good wholesome articles altogether. So what is Google’s purpose? Google is intent on improving ranking for article writers. What will happen is that quality should