SMB Change Management – Do You Embrace It Or Run From It?

Small Businesses have so much going for them, and I applaud every single one of you for being entrepreneurial in spirit. You have taken the first step to fulfill your hopes, dreams and goals. But, what would you do if you were suddenly confronted with change? Would you embrace change or run from it? Mention

Is Your Small Business Trustworthy?

I’ve been thinking the last few days about what attribute I would like my business to be known for. What do people think of our small business? Are we a trustworthy business? What does it mean, and take, to be trustworthy? Trustworthy has a lot of synonyms that mean similar things; but first, let’s look

3 Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do to Post Quality Content to the Web

Virtual Assistants can find themselves in a bind and not be able to find the time for writing articles due to their clients’ demand on the VA’s time. Do you know any other ways to post quality content to the Web? I do. Let’s check it out. I’m sure you have all heard me lament

Should Virtual Assistants Be Concerned with Google’s New Algorithm

Everyone has been talking about it. Since Google changed their algorithm, there’s been a lot of concern whether or not article writers and virtual assistants should stay away from writing good wholesome articles altogether. So what is Google’s purpose? Google is intent on improving ranking for article writers. What will happen is that quality should