Borlok Virtual Assistants (Borlok VA) has the experience you need to transcribe an audio, webinar, conference, or other mediums into written word in MS Word.

Our experience has been gained from different parts of the globe from Canada, UK, United States, and Australia. In addition, we have transcribed material having to do with nutrition, sports exercise and well-being, biographies, sermons, real estate seminars, and more.

Rest assured that your document will be transcribed with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We consistently use the Chicago Manual of Style as our resource to help us with this critical element of our service.

We also provide extra care and research unfamiliar cities, countries, organizations, peoples’ names, etc., that are unfamiliar to us. Our goal is that you receive a document that is fresh and crisp-looking, while being accurate in content.

Sample Business Transcriptions