Hamilton Beach 22504

It’s been some time since I did a review for the Hamilton Beach 22504 toaster.

We still have the toaster; however, I wanted to give an update on what I previously wrote in Does the Hamilton Beach 22504 Toaster Toast Toast.

Hamilton_Beach_22504Do you see where the arrow is pointing in the image from Hamilton Beach 22504? On the dial, there is a tiny indentation on the shade selector dial so you can see what number your dial is pointing to for whether or not you are choosing light or dark toast. The problem I have is that I can hardly see that spot on the dial! I can’t even feel it. It would be much more useful to a consumer if Hamilton Beach were to make that spot a noticeable color such as red or black.

I do have to give Hamilton Beach kudos for upgrading their products. When we purchased the Hamilton Beach 22504, there were no tongs that we could use to get the toast (or waffles) out of the toaster. I now see that you can order additional tongs for under $10 so you don’t burn yourself when getting your toast out. I have no way to tell if the tongs would be a good investment though. Our toaster doesn’t have the toast pop up enough to grab with tongs. In my opinion, I would have thought they would have given the tongs away for free.

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