Who Is América Móvil

Who Is América Móvil

It would not be surprising if many people in the United States have not heard of América Móvil (América Móvil, S.A.B. de C.V) because, you see, its headquarters are in Mexico City, Mexico. Let’s take a little look at the history of América Móvil, and then I’ll talk a little bit about its subsidiaries that are located in the United States.

America Movil

América Móvil

According to Wikipedia, the Company is the fourth largest mobile network operator in terms of equity subscribers and one of the largest corporations in the world. América Móvil is a Forbes Global 2000 company. A venture of Carlos Slim, América Móvil provides services to 289.4 million wireless subscribers, 34.3 million landlines, 22.6 million broadband accesses and 21.5 million PayTV units as of the end of 2014.[2]. América Móvil has a Mexican subsidiary called Telcel which is (according to Wikipedia) the largest mobile operator in Mexico.

Founded in 2000, América Móvil offers fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband and fixed-line internet services, digital television, Information Technology (IT) and network services. This company has wireless customers that are located in North America (U.S. and Mexico), Central America and South America. Speaking of the U.S., who is the U. S. subsidiary?

North American TracFone Wireless

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TracFone Wireless, Inc. was originally set up as Topp Telecom Inc. in 1996, and it was not until 2000 that Topp Telecom officially became TracFone Wireless (affiliate link). With over 80,000 retail locations, TracFone operates in the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico and offers services as a prepaid mobile virtual network operator.

TracFone has multiple brands of service: TracFone Wireless, NET10 Wireless, Safelink Wireless, Straight Talk, Telcel América, SIMPLE Mobile, and Page Plus Cellular. Each brand operates under their own logos and prepaid minute rates but their underlying network options are the same.

What makes TracFone so appealing to its customers are its features such as:

• No-contract cell phones and service! (affiliate link)
• Nationwide Coverage on America’s Best and Most Dependable Networks.
• Call Nationally, Internationally or Roam at local call rates.
• Lowest out of pocket cost for Phone and Service.
• Calls to over 100 international destinations.
• Phones from great manufacturers such as Samsung, and LG, Motorola or Kyocera.
• Keep your existing phone number or get a new one.
• Wide assortment of different types of phones (QWERTY, Slider, Double Minutes for Life, Flip, Camera, or TouchScreen)

So Back to América Móvil

Now let’s go back to América Móvil. As they state in their introduction, the Company is where they are today due to a good knowledge of the region, a sound capital structure and efficiency that relies on the Company’s vast operational experience – all of which have allowed them to be the leading wireless services provider in Latin American and the third largest in the world in terms of equity subscribers.

Just take a look at their accomplishments:

• Operations in 18 countries in the Americas
• Operations in 7 countries in Europe
• More than 289 million mobile customers
• More than 34 million fixed lines.
• 22.5 million fixed broadband accesses
• More than 21 million television subscribers
• Coverage for a combined population of 892 million
• State-of-the-art products and quality services

I’m glad that América Móvil has a subsidiary in the United States. I have found TracFone and Straight Talk products and services to be reliable, cost efficient and versatile.

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